Working with Volkswagen my primary focus was to help the brand increase engagement, test drives, brochure downloads and dealer connections with potential customers.


The challenge was to run an experimentation program in a predominantly globally controlled website.

The challenge of the VW website was the mixed ownership of website between the local VW team and the global team. This reduced the pages we could test on and overall impact we could have on the journey.

Given this, we focused on the pages where we had the greatest ability to impact with experimentation and personalisation.

We created a framework that looked at how the pages under our control could be optimised to help generate an understanding of how customers used the website to purchase.

In addition, we wanted to understand how the page behaviour could be modified to guide users to the primary action of booking a test drive, downloading a brochure or configuring a vehicle.

Project Details

Client Name


Project duration

9 Days


Sketch App, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect

The Strategy

Our engagement has seen us run a range of experiments and personalisation campaigns.

One particular personalisation campaign focused on targeting returning users that had shown a previous purchase intent behaviour.

In this campaign we targeted users that had visited an offers page and spent over a minute on an offers details page and then left.

Using this behaviour we created a segment and re-targeted these on their return.

On their return visit we presented a butter bar module which showed an image of the car they were looking at, the price and some time based scarcity to drive the user back into the purchase funnel.

The Hypothesis

We hypothesized that if a user is returning post their first visit, they have some type of purchase / research intent. As such, if we can reduce the load to get back into the funnel and remind them of the last car viewed we maybe able to shorten the navigation process.

CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

The results

The test proved that re-targeting by purchase intent has the highest impact on getting users back into the purchase funnel and engaging them to book a test drive.


increase on clicks to view offer


increase on request to test drive

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