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Flare’s integrated suite of products automates the manual onboarding & HR processes, freeing you up to focus more on people and less on paper. The financial benefits and perks products create the next evolution of employee engagement.

Project Details

Project Name

Develop leave and super annulation concept on Mobile

Project duration

3 Months


Axure, Sketch App, InVision, Figma, Illustrator, After Effect

With Flare HR, I worked in a cross-functional environment. Moreover, I shaped quantitative and qualitative solutions with data based on user behaviour and experimentation. 

I had a user testing role: I arrived in Australia with a basic grasp of English and didn’t know anything about superannuation, banking and Australian administration. I had to onboard myself in the Flare Software. I tested all software functionalities such as : Onboarding, Leave, Superannuation, Benefits and the Request Demo. 

I led the strategy, roadmap, and execution of key product initiatives and have the freedom to run with product ideas and work with a world-class product development team. Research, data, market analysis and customer feedback were necessary to understand customer needs.

Moreover, I produced a report of the bugs and areas for improvement. It appears that our software wasn’t adapted for small devices, the onboarding process was too long and the superannuation choice was not clear. 

I decided to test my hypotheses with further tests and to bring the entire Flare team in on the ideation process. I deployed the Agile methodology and followed an iterative strategy while developing new Flare features. Using this approach we were able to make the necessary changes at any part of the project when needed. I used Axure to make the user Journey, task flow and Sketch App for the final wireframes and created new pictures and illustrations on Photoshop, Illustrator. I cleaned the style guide and began to code the website with the CMS wordpress and HTML/CSS language.

User Journey

Jade connect on Flare to ask her leave. Jade goes through the quick and easy steps to select the leave period, contact info, and makes a leave request. Leave balances get updated, Jade leave request goes into pending state. The request is visible on the calendar, the team capacity is also updated. 

Simon, Jade’s manager gets a mobile notification. He checks on the calendar to see his team capacity during that perdiod and decides to approve the leave. Milton gets a notification that the leave has been approved by the manager whilst he was booking the flight tickets.

Flare Stories

Car Leasing // I did this short film to explain one of the Flare Benefits.

Discount for Cinema Ticket // I did this short film to explain one of the Flare Benefits with the mobile solution.

Style Guide

The Flare HR Style Guide is the most fundamental element of our brand identity. It represents our organisation and acts as a source brand in all communications.

A New Website

I did the wireframes, prototype and iconography of the new website.

Transform employee engagement and create purpose
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