Website visitors found the car series descriptions did not meet their needs for finding the appropriate car for them. This resulted in many clicks before getting to a models page. I reduce the steps to get visitors to a model page and assist in them finding an appropriate car.  The goal is to help them navigate the page, find the car they want and then result in booking a test drive.
A design that solves the problem state,

Project Summary

Analyze the BMW customers to offer an user experience solution to increase the number of Test Drive bookings and Brochure downloads.

Propose a new wireframe for the homepage.

Define the territory of graphical expression of the brand for the digital and establish a formal exhaustive library of these elements.

Project Details

Client Name


Project duration

9 Days


Axure, Sketch App, Photoshop

UX Design

Optimize the flow to collect Data and user email.

“ Choose your class ! ”– BMW

You haven’t got an idea to buy your future car?

On the home page, BMW proposes you to discover the best car for your needs and your dreams.Sure! you ll find your tailor made car and be part of the BMW club. You know what you need use the fast toolbar for download the brochure or requiered a drive test.

Visual Design

Background #F2F2F2
BMW BLUE #0653b6

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