Banette School

Banette takes on the role of a catalyst for aspiring bakers’ success, offering comprehensive support in their professional development and entrepreneurial endeavors. I redefined the brand strategy of the Banette School, culminating in the creation of its inaugural website focused on baker training. This strategic move positions every student as a prospective artisan and future business owner.

Project Summary

Rethink the Banette school’s brand strategy through the development of its inaugural website centered on baker training, establishing each student as a prospective artisan and future entrepreneur.

This initiative is complemented by a photoshoot conducted by our agency, emphasizing an authentic « advertainment » approach by collaborating with actual Banette bakers, capturing them in their workplaces alongside their teams.

Project Details

Client Name

INSIGN – Banette

Project duration

3 Months


Photoshop, Illustrator, Marvel App

Social Media

To solidify this positioning, I’ve undertaken a brand strategy overhaul for the Banette school. This includes crafting its inaugural website focused on baker training, where every student is portrayed as a prospective artisan and future business leader. Additionally, a social media strategy, dubbed « No pain, no gain, » has been formulated to further amplify this message.

No PainNo Gain

This scenario is complemented by a photo shoot that underscores authenticity. It’s a deliberate choice to capture real-life work situations, collaborating closely with genuine Banette bakers, right in their bakery establishments alongside their teams. This approach results in a unique collection of visuals and introduces an innovative voice on social media—a distinctive identity for this specific training program.

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