Continental Euro 2016

If a round ball reconnects us to the wheel…

Project Details

#ThePerfectMatch campaign symbolizes the meeting between the leader in tires in Europe and the largest European sporting event to be held in France from June 10 to July 10. #ThePerfectMatch brings together all of Continental’s communication initiatives as Official Sponsor of Euro 2016 ™ and fosters positive brand perception in France.

Client Name

INSIGN – Continental

Project duration

8 Months


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Facebook Developer, Google Analytics

The Concept

#The perfect Match illustrates the perfect match in the sporting sense of the term, as in the technical sense. This double reading naturally organizes the meeting between the values ​​of the Continental brand and those of football. The success of the meeting is already materialized internally by a « Check » across the entire system, which will soon be deployed with Internet users to experience exceptional moments alongside Continental. This digital campaign allows all football fans and motorists to give their vision of the « Perfect Match » making the association between the automotive world and that of football, in order to perhaps win places to live life-size. Euro 2016 ™.

The Challenge Facebook

The challenge: Create adhesion to the Continental brand around one of the biggest sporting event of the year in France, recalling the common values that the brand shares with the spirit of surpassing oneself specific to football. The bias is to make known Continental better known for its technicality, towards emotion and passion. A brand that aims to be more community-based, inspiring confidence thanks to the performance of its products, the interconnection between its employees and engaging in discussion with the French consumer.

From B2B2C to B2C

Pass an industrial brand to a B2C marketing dynamic by reconnecting the tire to the challenges of the end consumer.

+ Gateway concept

Connect the worlds of the brand and football via the concept « The Perfect Match ». And link all of the events with.

= 30% spontaneous awareness

Transform a one-time media investment into an accelerator of sustainable B2C marketing development.

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