Beforepay is an app that helps Australians access their Pay On Demand™, track their spending habits and learn how to budget. Eligibility criteria and Cash Out limit assessment are designed carefully so Beforepay doesn’t give you more than you can afford.

During a 6months long project focused on design thinking processes and innovative design research, my growth team and I selected the topic of improve the Onboarding experience and exploring all solutions to onboard new customers.

Project Details

Make the Onboarding steps clear, easy and trustable.

Project duration

1 Month


Figma, Maze, Illustrator, After Effect


Customers are more likely to convert if they believe that there’s a human on the other side looking after them


Reviewing best in class conversion funnels, we discovered that they are humanising their onboarding flows:

  1. They use conversational, warm, and welcoming language that would be used in an in-person interaction
  2. They share the profile of the humans who will work on their request/account/application
  3. They show images and real names of the people with whom customers interact


Introduce humanising elements into our onboarding flow

My role was primary a UX researcher, carrying on research activties such as the making of the cultural probes, leading participatory workshops and finally crafting design directions. I was also in charge of creating the actual flow on FigJam.

Style Guide

The Beforepay Style Guide is the most fundamental element of our brand identity. It represents our organisation and acts as a source brand in all communications.

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