Advice ReghTech

The Advice Reg Tech platform assesses your SoAs for risks, and helps focus the efforts of reviewers, It ensures your team focus on the critical Best Interest Duty Safe Harbour areas. With machine learning and risk alerts, it assists advice file reviewers to get through checklist items, with exponential efficiency and effectiveness the more they use it.

Project Summary

B2B SaaS solution for compliance checking for AFSL’s. Advice RegTech’s solution assists compliance reviewers with the assessment of financial advice compliance checks, enabling an efficient focus on key risks, alerts and subjective areas.

I led a team of 1 motion Designer and 1 UX Designer Intern on a 3 week sprint, collaborating on research and taking lead on product strategy and interaction design

The platform solution is called SAMI – Subjective Analytical Monitoring Intelligence. Use of the SAMI software by your compliance and governance people, exponentially supports andscales their efforts. I created the SAMI mascot and illustrations in order to create a film explaining the objectives of the software. AGILE AND EASINESS. Make current compliance checking processes easier, faster and better, as well as give you visibility of the risks. The UX Challenge was to create easy tools to review all documents. Icons and Buttons found the best places for the User.

UX AND UI Design

Target market and trends

  • Targeting Australian Financial Services Licensees (AFSLs) providing personal financial advice
  • Mid-tier AFSLs with around 50 advisers, totalling c. 7,000 advisers.
  • Market trends include advisers moving from large AFSLs to mid-tier licensees where they have more control over their business.
  • Greater market opportunity for compliance support, given increased scrutiny following the Royal Commission

Project Details

Project Name

Advice RegTech Software

Project duration

2 Months


Sketch App, XD, Illustrator, After Effect, InDesign, InVision

UI Style Guide

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